New major work for Orchestra & Guitar: Reclamation Variations


Reclamation is a set of variations for orchestra that was composed from March to May 2020, during the start of the pandemic. During this time, the health crisis had shown a spotlight on many of the very serious problems in America that need to be resolved going forward. The country is going to have to go through a long and painful reclamation period to restore what has severely eroded over many decades. As a result, this music reflects a somber tone, but also of determination.

The guitar was included because I’ve long felt it has been underrepresented in the orchestra field, and it fit well with the style of this work. However, this is not a concerto for the guitar. If no guitar is available, the music has been cued in other instruments. To further balance the guitar with the orchestra, a microphone may be used with a PA system. Careful attention should be given to make sure the guitar can be heard.


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